Premier League revealed this week the distribution of revenues from television rights to the clubs that participated in the last edition of Barclays Premier League.
In 2012/2013, Manchester United became the champion receiving the highest amount ever (about 71 million).
The ratio between the amounts received by Manchester United and Queens Park Rangers, ranked last, was only 1.46. The proportion of the total amount received by each club, varied between 4.1% and 6.3% showing a significant equality in income distribution.
The distribution model adopted in England is based on the following points: 50% of the revenues generated in the United Kingdom are divided equally between all clubs (16.1 million Euros per club), 25% is based on the performance of the teams (the champions receives 20 times the value of the last placed), and 25% is distributed according to the TV ratings and the number of games broadcasted on TV in the United Kingdom (there is a minimum of ten games). International revenues are shared equally by all clubs (22.1 million Euros per club).
Despite their worst table position, Arsenal and Tottenham have received larger amounts comparing to Chelsea since their games were more often broadcasted live in the United Kingdom.
However, these values ​​will increase significantly as it is expected that Premier League’s revenues, for the next three seasons, will grow to about 6.4 billion Euros (more 2.3 billion than the previous contract). In this sense, it is projected the champion will be able to receive about 117 million Euros and the last placed around 74 million Euros.
(Amounts in Euros)
[table id=229 /]
Note: Exchange Rate May 22, 2013: 1 GBP = 1,16684 EUR
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