The 20 most effective and influential forwards in the 2019/2020 Liga NOS

With Liga NOS still waiting for its start, Football Industry analyzed the performance of the 83 players who occupy the most advanced positions of the 18 clubs that are part of the competition and who participated in at least 50% of the games. The indicators analyzed were its effectiveness (conversion rate – the percentage of shots turned into goals) and its influence on the team (weight of its goals in the club’s total).


Regarding the analysis of the conversion rate, Carlos Vinicius from SL Benfica stands out in the first position with 32% having scored 15 goals in 22 games. It is also, in this ranking, the player with most goals scored so far followed by Fábio Abreu from Moreirense FC, Sandro Lima from Gil Vicente FC, and Paulinho from SC Braga all of them with 10 goals so far. Of the 20 players, only 4 belong to SL Benfica, FC Porto, and Sporting CP. It is also important to emphasize that this is not a ranking of scored goals, but a ranking of effectiveness given the number of shots made per game turned into goals.

#NameClubGamesGoalsGoals/Games% Conversion
1Carlos ViniciusSL Benfica22150,6832%
2GuedesVitória FC1320,1531%
3Fábio AbreuMoreirense FC24100,4228%
4Luiz PhelliypeSporting CP1660,3827%
5Zé LuísFC Porto1570,4722%
6TrincãoSC Braga1660,3821%
7Rodrigo PinhoCS Marítimo1850,2820%
8Bruno DuarteVitória SC1550,3320%
9UkraCD Santa Clara1310,0819%
10NenêMoreirense FC1940,2119%
11Medhi TaremiRio Ave FC2080,4019%
12Anderson SilvaFC Famalicão2370,3019%
13DavidsonVitória SC1450,3619%
14Toni MartinezFC Famalicão2380,3517%
15Sandro LimaGil Vicente FC24100,4217%
16SoaresPortimonense SC2070,3517%
17Mehrdad MohammadiCD Aves2070,3517%
18Aylton Boa MortePortimonense SC1830,1717%
19Luís DiazFC Porto1230,2517%
20PaulinhoSC Braga19100,5316%


Regarding influence (weight of their goals in the clubs’ total), Sandro Lima from Gil Vicente FC (15th most effective forward) is the most influential striker so far, accounting for 40% of his team’s total goals and having participated in all Liga NOS games. It is also observed that 11 of the 20 players that are part of the ranking of the most effective forwards are also part of the list of the most influential ones.

#NameClubGamesGoalsTotal Club's Goals% Club's Goals
1Sandro LimaGil Vicente FC24102540%
2LicáBelenenses SAD2361932%
3Mehrdad MohammadiCD Aves2072330%
4Fábio AbreuMoreirense FC24103429%
5Carlos ViniciusSL Benfica22155229%
6Douglas TanqueFC Paços Ferreira2051828%
7Welinton JúniorCD Aves1762326%
8Medhi TaremiRio Ave FC2083225%
9PaulinhoSC Braga19104124%
10Rodrigo PinhoCS Marítimo1852223%
11Toni MartinezFC Famalicão2383821%
12Aylton Boa MortePortimonense SC1831619%
13DenerPortimonense SC1231619%
14Anderson SilvaFC Famalicão2373818%
15Hélder FerreiraFC Paços Ferreira2031817%
16Luiz PhelliypeSporting CP1663716%
17KraevGil Vicente FC1442516%
18Guilherme SchettineCD Santa Clara1531916%
19Heriberto TavaresBoavista FC1731916%
20Carlos JuniorCD Santa Clara1831916%
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