Borussia Dortmund has become one of the most followed and praised clubs given the high-quality football presented on the field.
The club from Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League finalists in 2012/2013, has sought to invest more in the innovation component having, in this sense, introduced in 2012 a new mechanism that seeks to strengthen the capabilities of its players.
This revolutionary, device called “Footballnaut“, gives a new meaning to indoor training and is also used in the rehabilitation of players who are recovering from injuries. Footballnaut aims to develop some players capabilities such as first-touch, technique, speed of thought and execution and awareness.
Borussia Dortmund’s version includes a machine that shoots balls automatically towards the player in a ​​14 square meters area. The athlete is placed in the center of this area being the balls thrown in his direction at different speeds with a random variety of heights and angles. Then the player must receive the ball, look up in order to identify which of the 64 targets have their lights on, try to hit it with the ball as quickly as possible and return to the starting position to receive the next ball. This process is repeated successively during the training session. The coach receives all the data by computer.
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