Currently, football clubs attract revenue through their shirts in two ways:
1. Brand that produces the kit (Adidas, Nike, etc..);
2. Sponsor with its logo in the center of the shirt.
The present ranking focuses on the second point. However, regarding the first one, at the moment, Real Madrid has the most valuable contract receiving, on average, 31.5 million Euros per year from Adidas.
In July 2012, Manchester United agreed a deal for seven years with Chevrolet with the amount of 430 million Euros setting a new record. The English club has been the one that has better explored this revenue stream being in negotiations with Nike to improve their current contract, which will probably become the highest one.
According to Forbes, although Real Madrid is the most valuable club, it only has the fifth highest shirt sponsorship. However, the Spanish club is in negotiations with Emirates which will certainly raise the current amount.
[table id=191 /]
Notes: (1) The 10-year contract between Manchester City and Etihad (491.2 million Euros) and the 5-year contract between Arsenal and Emirates (184.2 million Euros) were not included since they also comprise the naming rights of the stadium and their values are not public; (2) Exchange Rate April 26, 2013: 1 USD = 0.767430 EUR; (3) Amounts rounded to the hundreds of thousands.
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