Since the 92/93 season, the formerly known European Champions Clubs ‘Cup started to be called UEFA Champions League.
In this article, we present the number of clubs per championship that reached each stage of this competition allowing us to build a ranking of them. This analysis allows us to check which countries contribute most to the diversity of clubs present at UEFA Champions League.
The article is focused on the period between the seasons of 94/95 and 2012/2013 since the format adopted in 92/93 and 93/94 does not match the current one, given that it presented a knockout phase followed by two groups from which the two finalists were determined.
It is also important to note that from 97/98 the group stage started presenting six groups (previously were only 4), between 99/00 and 2002/2003 there were two group stages, and the fact that the round of 16 has only appeared in the end of the 2003/2004 season.
Group Stage
Since the 94/95 season, 126 clubs, from 31 countries, participated in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The majority of these clubs compete in the so-called top 5 European leagues (Big 5), namely, Spain, Germany, France, England and Italy, consisting of 40.5% of the total number of clubs.
[table id=117 /]
Round of 16
53 clubs, from 16 countries, have competed in the round of 16, a stage that only appeared in the 2003/2004 season, with the ranking being, again, led by Spain with 10 clubs and the remaining Big 5 (64.2% of clubs).
[table id=118 /]
Quarter Finals
Like the previous phase, the ranking of participation in the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League is led by Spain and the other Big 5, gathering, as a whole, 63.8% of the total number of clubs. 47 clubs, from 16 countries, have competed in this stage.
[table id=119 /]
Semi Finals
Regarding the semi finals, we can observe once more the domain of the Big 5 and the leadership of Spain along with England (5 clubs). 80.8% of the clubs are from these 5 championships. 26 clubs, from 9 countries, participated in this stage.
[table id=120 /]
Concerning UEFA Champions League’s Final, since 94/95 it was played by 16 different clubs from 7 countries. In the main phase of the competition, England has been the country with the highest number of clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United).
[table id=121 /]
Note: This article does not intend to show the number of participations per club and country but the number of different clubs from each championship that achieved each phase of the UEFA Champions League, since 94/95.
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