The Spanish striker, Michu, has been in a remarkable form playing for Swansea City in Barclays Premier League 12/13 and helped the club win its first Football League Cup.
The 27-year-old played for four Spanish clubs as a professional before arriving at his current team. Between 2004/2005 and 2006/2007 he played at Real Oviedo being transferred to Celta Vigo on the following season and, in 2011/2012, for Rayo Vallecano. It was in this club from Madrid, where Michu began to awaken greater interest in his performances being transferred to Swansea City in exchange for approximately 2.4 million Euros.
Taking into account his performances in the current season, at a very competitive league, many clubs will desire to bring him to their squads in the next transfer market period.
Player Profile – MICHU
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Main Statistics and Conclusions (Barclays Premier League 12/13)
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– Very important percentage of team goals (38%);
– 0,5 goals per game, very positive number taking into account the high level of competitiveness of Barclays Premier League;
– Significant shots effectiveness (17%);
– Only needs to touch a few times in the ball to score (low percentage of team’s total passes – 6%);
– Strong in aerial duels (49% won, 3,4 per game).
Note: Data collected on May 12, 2013.
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