Forbes recently presented the ranking of the 20 most valuable football/soccer clubs in the world. In this ranking, we can observe that Real Madrid knocked, for the first time since 2004, Manchester United from the top spot and became the most valuable club with a value of around 2.5 billion Euros.
Simultaneously, Barcelona was the club that had the greatest growth in the last year (99%) followed by their rivals Real Madrid (76%), Manchester City (56%, club that rose more places in the ranking of 2013) and Manchester United (42%).
Overall, the Top 20 teams have an average value of 744 million Euros, which represents an increase of 26% compared to the 2011 edition, making a total of about 14.9 billion Euros. With regard to operating income, the average of the 20 clubs is 32 million Euros representing a drop of approximately 2.3 million compared to 2011.
Regarding new entries in the ranking, Newcastle United is now in the last position and Corinthians in the 16th place, being the first non-European club to join the list. The Brazilian side, who won Série A in Brazil in 2011 and FIFA Club World Cup 2012, has been characterized by creativity since they were the first Brazilian club to launch a TV channel of a sports team, TV Corinthians, and have sponsored an athlete who competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship event held in Rio de Janeiro.
In the table below, we present the top 20 most valuable clubs as well as some financial data for each of them.
[table id=159 /]
Analyzing the values ​​by country, we can observe that English clubs, being 5 of them in the Top 10, present a greater value than the remaining countries (linked to the new contracts for TV rights) although, on average, the leadership belongs to Spain.
[table id=160 /]
Notes: (1) Exchange Rate April 24, 2013: 1 USD = 0.768362 EUR; (2) Operating profit: earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and players transactions, (3) The values ​​presented are business values ​​(equity plus debt) based on multiple sources of revenue that clubs get through television rights, premium seats, media, merchandising, among others.
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