The current situation created by COVID-19 constitutes a possible change and opportunity/challenge in the sponsorship market of the football industry. Given the recent events, many brands have decided to reassess their strategies and current deals.

According to data from KPMG, the value of sponsorships in the top 5 European leagues (Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League and Serie A), which attract the most brands, is currently about 3,300 million Euros per year, with a third corresponding to sponsorships of the front of the shirts.

The Premier League clearly stands out generating 832 million Euros annually, almost two times La Liga’s amount (436 million Euros per year). The graph below also shows the difference in realities compared to other leagues such as the Turkish (SuperLig) and the Dutch (Eredivisie) ones.

As with other revenue streams, there is also polarization within each league. As an example, the 6 main Premier League clubs represent 83% of the total value of the championship and, in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona collect 80% of the value. The high values ​​received by these clubs even go beyond the global amount of leagues such as SuperLig and Eredivisie.