With the abrupt end of Ligue 1 due to the pandemic and the new victory of Paris Saint-Germain, we present you the relationship between the squads’ market value and the league standings in the championship as well as the impact on that valuation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The big winner in this analysis is, without a doubt, Stade de Reims by having reached the 5th position in the championship presenting only the 13th most valuable squad (78 million Euros on 07/2019 and 74 million on 07/2020). With a very low record of goals scored and conceded (26 vs. 21), the good performances of Hassane Kamara, Yunis Abdelhamid, Xavier Chavalerin, and Predrag Rajkovic contributed a lot to this achievement. We recall that Stade de Reims, this season, also presented only the 4th lowest average salary in the competition as we have previously presented here.

Stade Brest also stood out, reaching the 14th position in the championship with the least valued squad at the beginning of the competition and the 2nd lowest average salary per player in Ligue 1. This season, Gautier Larsonneur and Gaetan Charbonnier stood out.

On the other hand, the big disappointment turned out to be AS Saint-Étienne which, with a squad currently valued at around 74 million Euros and the 10th most valuable squad at the start of the season, was unable to go beyond the 17th place in the French league.

Between the 1st of April and the 15th of June, the market values ​​of the squads suffered an abrupt drop due to the pandemic, about 18%, with PSG being the most harmed due to the devaluation of its players by about 177 million Euros.

Market values corresponding to 7/15/2019 and 7/15/2020.

COVID-19 impact (difference between the values at 4/1/2020 and 6/15/2020).

Values in million of Euros.