Social networks are undoubtedly the fastest and most comprehensive way for clubs to communicate with their supporters. Today, we present the third ranking of Liga NOS clubs on social networks related to the total number of followers. In this edition we have added the numbers from YouTube.

In aggregate terms, the number of fans of the clubs present in this edition of Liga NOS in the current month corresponds to a total of 20,278,500, representing an increase of 0.5% compared to June not taking into account the numbers from YouTube. Facebook continues to aggregate 58% while Instagram represents now 22%, Twitter 18%, and YouTube only 2%.

Regarding the clubs, FC Porto, SL Benfica, and Sporting CP remain on the top-3 with a growth of about 0.5%, followed by SC Braga, with the first three clubs aggregating 88% of the total fans.

Note 1: Values rounded up to hundreds.

Note 2: Amounts collected on July 20, 2020.

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