With the end of the Premier League won by Liverpool 30 years later and with Jamie Vardy as the leading scorer, we present you the relationship between the squads’ market value and the league standings as well as the impact on that valuation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The big winner in this analysis is undoubtedly Sheffield United, reaching the 9th position in the championship, presenting the squad with the lowest market value (47 million Euros on 07/2019 and 120 million on 07/2020). The good performances of Chris Basham, John Egan, Jack O’Connell, and Oliver McBurnie contributed to this achievement. We recall that Sheffield United, this season, also presented the lowest average salary per player in the competition as we previously presented here.

Burnley also stood out, reaching 10th place in the championship with the 5th least valued squad at the beginning of the competition and the 4th lowest average salary per player in the Premier League. In the season that has now ended, James Tarkowski, Dwight McNeil, and Chris Wood stood out with 14 goals scored.

On the other hand, the biggest disappointments turned out to be West Ham and Bournemouth which, with squads currently valued at around 288 and 247 million Euros, respectively, and the 9th and 11th most valued squads at the beginning of the season, were unable to abandon the 16th and 18th places in the English league.

Between the 1st of April and the 15th of June, the market values ​​of the squads suffered an abrupt drop due to the pandemic, around 18%, with Manchester City being the most harmed due to the devaluation of its players by about 244 million Euros. With the resumption of the championships, these values ​​have been slowly rising in some cases.

Market values corresponding to 7/15/2019 and 7/15/2020.

COVID-19 impact (difference between the values at 4/1/2020 and 6/15/2020).

Values in million of Euros.