The 20 Best-Paid Players in 20120

Forbes recently released the list of the 20 best-paid players in 2012. Together, these athletes received more than 332 million Euros representing an increase of 20% compared to 2011.

David Beckham continues to lead the list of the best-paid players having been his best year in terms of commercial revenues. The English player, the oldest of the 20 players on the list, managed to raise about 33.8 million Euros through its sponsorship contracts along with around 5 million in salary and bonuses through his contract with LA Galaxy. These values ​​were mainly due to his relationship with adidas, Coty, Breitling and Chinese Super League since the salary earned in the club is the lowest in the Top 20.

#NameAgeCountryClub(s) in 2012League(s) in 2012PositionAmount (€) 2012Amount (€) 2011
1David Beckham37EnglandLA GalaxyMajor League Soccer USAMidfielder38.800.00035.300.000
2Cristiano Ronaldo28PortugalReal MadridSpanishForward33.400.00032.200.000
3Lionel Messi25ArgentinaBarcelonaSpanishForward30.900.00029.900.000
4Sergio Aguero24ArgentinaManchester CityEnglishForward16.000.00011.700.000
5Wayne Rooney27EnglandManchester UnitedEnglishForward15.600.00018.400.000
6Yaya Toure29Ivory CoastManchester CityEnglishMidfielder15.500.00013.800.000
7Fernando Torres29SpainChelseaEnglishForward15.500.00013.000.000
9Kaka30BrazilReal MadridSpanishMidfielder14.800.00016.100.000
10Didier Drogba35Ivory CoastChelsea / Shanghai ShenhuaEnglish / ChineseForward13.700.00010.900.000
11Steven Gerrard32EnglandLiverpoolEnglishMidfielder13.300.00012.300.000
12Emmanuel Adebayor29TogoTottenhamEnglishForward12.800.00011.800.000
13Zlatan Ibrahimovic31SwedenAC Milan / Paris Saint GermainItalian / FrenchForward12.700.00011.100.000
14Carlos Tevez29ArgentinaManchester CityEnglishForward12.700.00011.400.000
15Samuel Eto'o32CameroonFK AnzhiRussianForward12.300.00012.000.000
16Samir Nasri25FranceManchester CityEnglishMidfielder12.000.000-
17Frank Lampard34EnglandChelseaEnglishMidfielder12.000.00012.300.000
18John Terry32EnglandChelseaEnglishDefender12.000.00013.800.000
19David Silva27SpainManchester CityEnglishMidfielder11.800.000-
20Karim Benzema25FranceReal MadridSpanishForward11.400.00011.000.000

English players are the majority in number and value. The five English players on the list received 91.7 million Euros in 2012 being followed by the three Argentine players (59.6 million euros) and Cristiano Ronaldo (33.4 million Euros) from Portugal.

Regarding the championship(s) in which they played in 2012, the English Premier League (Barclays Premier League) dominates the list of the best-paid players since 12 of the 20 athletes competed in that league during this period (Didier Drogba only for 6 months) aggregating 201.2 million Euros. Spanish (Liga BBVA) and North American (Major League Soccer) leagues complete the podium.

With regard to the age of the players, 40% are less than 29 years-old (received 44% of the total amount in 2012), 20% is 29 years-old (received 17% of the total sum) and 40% have over 29 years-old (received 39% of the total amount). We can also see that 12 of them are forwards, 7 are midfielders and only 1 is a defender (John Terry).

Notes: (1) The amounts received by the athletes include their salary, performance bonuses and sponsorship contracts, (2) Exchange Rate April 26, 2013: 1 USD = 0.767430 EUR; (3) Amounts rounded to hundreds of thousands.

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