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Salaries in the 2013/2014 Spanish League0

According to the data provided by the Liga de Fútbol Profesional and the newspaper Marca, Barcelona and Real Madrid have, at this early stage of the season, an overall salary cost close to 190 million per year. The disparity between these two giants and the other clubs from Liga BBVA (Spanish League) is also clear in this point since Atlético Madrid, ranked third in this list, only presents a wage cost between 65 and 67 million Euros (about 35% of the first two).Saiba mais

Salários por Minuto – Jogadores da MLS 20120

Numa altura em que se iniciou a época de 2013, o Football Industry apresenta uma análise dos salários dos jogadores da época de 2012 relacionando-os com a sua participação na competição.Saiba mais