Salaries vs. Performance – Barclays Premier League 2010/20110


Football Industry starts publishing today a set of articles that examine the relationship between sporting performance and the average annual salaries paid per player by clubs.

In the edition of 2010/2011 of the Barclays Premier League, Manchester United won the competition presenting the third highest annual average salary per player.

From a positive perspective, West Bromwich achieved the eleventh position in the competition with only the eighteenth highest salary value. In the opposite perspective, West Ham was the case with less success finishing in last place with the twelfth highest average annual salary per player.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Sunderland and Wigan presented the same position in the salaries ranking as they did in the competition.

Average Annual Salary per Player
Salaries Ranking
League Position
1Man. United3.961.057 €312
2Chelsea4.875.363 €220
3Man. City5.311.438 €13-2
4Arsenal3.787.939 €440
5Tottenham2.732.911 €752
6Liverpool3.752.368 €56-1
7Everton1.701.630 €972
8Fulham1.739.805 €880
9Aston Villa2.917.990 €69-3
10Sunderland1.698.415 €10100
11West Bromwich1.183.926 €18117
12Newcastle1.606.834 €13121
13Stoke City1.399.814 €15132
14Bolton1.680.836 €1114-3
15Blackburn1.552.630 €1415-1
16Wigan Athletic1.311.494 €16160
17Wolverhampton1.050.248 €19172
18Birmingham1.227.169 €1718-1
19Blackpool515.732 €20191
20West Ham1.677.882 €1220-8

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