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This Tuesday will take place at Old Trafford a clash between two giants of football, Manchester United and Real Madrid. At stake is a place in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League after a one goal draw in the first leg. Football Industry presents a set of comparative tables between both clubs divided into three distinct areas: Web, Finance and Sports Performance.

Such comparisons allows us to have an overview of the two clubs, their dimension and the chances of both teams.


Manchester United and Real Madrid have different strategies with regard to social networks. While the first club bets only on Facebook, Real Madrid is present in a greater number of social media platforms having more followers than Manchester United, including on Facebook. Regarding their websites, both at international and local levels, the presents itself in a better position.

Manchester United
Real Madrid
MU vs. RM
Facebook (number of fans)31.874.00036.371.000RM
Twitter (number of followers)-6.929.000-
Google Plus (number of fans)-2.202.000-
YouTube (number of subscribers)-531.000-
YouTube (video views)-95.091.000-
Tencent QQ (number of fans)-1.960.000-
Top 5 Countries with more Fans on FacebookIndonesia, Mexico, India, USA, UKIndonesia, Mexico, USA, Turkey, Brazil-
Most Popular Players on FacebookWayne Rooney, Chicharito Hernandéz, Nani, Giggs, Rio FerdinandCristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Ozil, Benzema, Di Maria-
Website Global Ranking Position3.1038.119MU
Website Local Ranking Position637685MU


Financially, Real Madrid presents a more strengthened position being the club with the highest revenues in the world having, for the first time, surpassed the threshold of 500 million Euros in 2011/2012. Simultaneously, it also has a net debt below the one of Manchester United. However, the brand value of the English club is considered superior and has obtained better results in UEFA competitions receiving revenues above those of Real Madrid through this stream. Finally, the market value of Real Madrid’s squad is higher and Manchester United has shown a superior average attendance in 2012/2013.

Manchester United
Real Madrid
MU vs. RM
Revenues 2011/2012 (without players transfers)370.000.000 €512.600.000 €RM
Matchday Revenues 2011/2012115.000.000 €126.200.000 €RM
Matchday Revenues Weight 2011/201231%25%MU
Broadcasting Revenues 2011/2012118.000.000 €199.200.000 €RM
Broadcasting Revenues Weight 2011/201232%39%RM
Commercial Revenues 2011/2012137.000.000 €187.200.000 €RM
Commercial Revenues Weight 2011/201237%36%MU
Revenue Growth on the last 10 Seasons58%166%RM
UEFA Competitions Prizes (09/10 to 11/12)135.435.000 €104.547.000 €MU
UEFA Competitions Prizes (12/13)16.100.000 €16.100.000 €=
Staff and Players Wages 11/12187.000.000 €234.000.000 €MU
Net Result 11/1227.000.000 €24.000.000 €MU
Total Assets 11/ €851.000.000 €MU
Net Debt 11/12822.000.000 €125.000.000 €RM
Brand Value1.700.000.000 €1.400.000.000 €MU
Squad Market Value421.000.000 €599.000.000 €RM
Main SponsorsAON, Nike, bwin, DHL, Turkish Airlines, Chevrolet, Singha, Casillero del Diablo, Thomas Cook, Hublot, Smirnoff, Epson, Toshiba Medical Systems, Mister Potato, Yanmar, PCCW, STC, Kansai Paintbwin, Adidas, Samsung, Grupo Sanitas, Nivea for Men, Solán de Cabras
Average Attendance 12/1375.00070.000MU


Regarding sports performance, Real Madrid has had a greater success having been victorious three times in the nine clashes between the clubs compared with two wins of Manchester United. The squads of both clubs show similar characteristics and recent form. Finally, Real Madrid has presented a stronger attacking volume in the current UEFA Champions League compared to Manchester United.

Manchester United
Real Madrid
MU vs. RM
Number of Official Trophies6175RM
Number of Direct Clashes (official competitions)99-
Number of Wins in Direct Clashes (official competitions)23RM
Nationalities Present in the Squad158MU
Most Represented NationalityEnglishSpanish-
Average Age of the Squad25 years old25 years old=
Average Height181 cm183 cmRM
Average Weight73 Kg75 KgRM
Recent Form (last 5 games in 12/13)W-D-W-W-WD-W-W-W-W=
Average Shots on Target per Game (Champions League 12/13)813RM
Average Goals per Game (Champions League 12/13)12RM
% Effectiveness of Shots on Target (Champions League 12/13)17%18%RM
% Average Ball Possession (Champions League 12/13)57%52%MU
% Average Pass Success (Champions League 12/13)88%83%MU
Average Shots Conceded per Game (Champions League 12/13)1512RM
Average Tackles per Game (Champions League 12/13)1517RM

Notes: (1) Data collected on March 2, 2013, (2) When counting the number of trophies won were considered the following competitions: FIFA Club World Cup, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Spanish League Cup , Cup Winners Cup, Copa del Rey, Intercontinental Cup, UEFA Cup, Premier League, FA Community Shield, English League Cup and FA Cup.

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