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Game of the Week – Tottenham vs. Manchester City0

jogo_da_semana_tottenham_manchester_city Tottenham and Manchester City will play their 130th clash in official competitions, next Sunday, on the 34th matchday of the Barclays Premier League.Saiba mais

UEFA Champions League Country Performance Ranking0

uefa_champions_league_country_performance_ranking In this article, we present the number of clubs per championship that reached each stage of this competition allowing us to build a ranking of them. This analysis allows us to check which countries contribute most to the diversity of clubs present at UEFA Champions League.Saiba mais

Game of the Week – Manchester United vs. Manchester City0

Jogo_da_semana_Manchester_United_City Next Monday will take place at Old Trafford the 144th clash in official competitions between Manchester United and Manchester City being the top two positions of Barclays Premier League occupied, at the moment, respectively, by these two clubs separated by 15 points.Saiba mais

Salaries vs. Performance – Barclays Premier League 2010/20110

slide_premier Football Industry starts publishing today a set of articles that examine the relationship between sporting performance and the average annual salaries paid per player by clubs. In the edition of 2010/2011 of the Barclays Premier League, Manchester United won the competition presenting the third highest annual average salary per player.Saiba mais

Salaries per Minute – 2012 MLS Players0

salaries_per_minute_2012_mls_players Football Industry presents an analysis of the salaries of the 2012 MLS players relating them with their participation in the competition.Saiba mais