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Michu (Swansea City) – Confirmation of a Great Player0

miguel-michu-swansea-city The Spanish striker, Michu, has been in a remarkable form playing for Swansea City in Barclays Premier League 12/13 and helped the club win its first Football League Cup.Saiba mais

The 5 biggest Shirt Sponsorships in European Football0

Os 5 maiores patrocínios nas camisolas In July 2012, Manchester United agreed a deal for seven years with Chevrolet with the amount of 430 million Euros setting a new record. The English club has been the one that has better explored this revenue stream being in negotiations with Nike to improve their current contract, which will probably become the highest one.Saiba mais

Forbes Most Valuable Soccer Teams 20130

forbes_most_valuable_soccer_teams_2013 Forbes recently presented the ranking of the 20 most valuable football/soccer clubs in the world. In this ranking, we can observe that Real Madrid knocked, for the first time since 2004, Manchester United from the top spot and became the most valuable club with a value of around 2.5 billion Euros.Saiba mais

Global Transfer Market 20120

global_transfer_market_2012 Last week, FIFA Transfer Matching System GmbH published the "Global Transfer Market 2012" report which presents data about international transfers of professional football players aged over 18 years old. The report covers 200 countries and more than 5,600 professional clubs.Saiba mais

Performance after Elimination in UEFA Competitions0

performance_after_elimination_uefa_competitions It is a thought that comes up often among those who follow football and discusses it daily: "teams, after being eliminated in the UEFA competitions, tend to show a poorer form." Is this statement true?Saiba mais