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UEFA Champions League per capita

UEFA Champions League, since taking on this designation in 1992/1993, has had 27 editions. In this period, 13 clubs won it from 7 different countries. The main highlight goes to the Spanish giants Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona with a total of 11 UCL titles (41%) that makes Spain the country with the most UCL victories since 1992/1993. Only twice UCL has not been won by a club from the countries called “Big-5”: in 1994/1995 by AFC Ajax (Netherlands) and in 2003/2004 by FC Porto (Portugal).Saiba mais

KPMG Football Clubs’ Valuation: The European Elite 2020

KPMG Football Benchmark released last Thursday its 5th edition of the report on the enterprise value of clubs. Thus, due to the crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, these values ​​will tend to fall due to the necessary market adjustments.

As in previous reports, Real Madrid and Manchester United occupy the first two places in the ranking followed by Barcelona, ​​who came to occupy the third position that belonged to Bayern Munchen, a club that in 27 years has never presented negative financial results.

Another surprise of this edition is the lack of Serie A clubs in the Top-10 since Juventus dropped to 11th place.

Galatasaray was the club that grew the most compared to the previous year (49%) followed by Paris Saint-Germain and Internazionale.

On the oth...

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Social Networks Ranking – Liga NOS (05/2020)

Social media is undoubtedly the fastest and most comprehensive way for clubs to communicate with their supporters. Today we present you the first ranking of Liga NOS clubs on social networks concerning their total number of followers.

In aggregate terms, the number of fans of the clubs participating in this edition of Liga NOS corresponds to a total of 19,722,800. Facebook represents 59% while Instagram accounts for 22% and Twitter 19%.

Regarding the clubs, FC Porto, SL Benfica, and Sporting CP occupy the podium, followed by SC Braga, with the first three clubs accounting for 89% of total fans.

1FC Porto4.082.1001.423.8001.228.0006.733.900
2SL Benfica3.707.2001.512.2001.290.0006.509.400
3Sporting CP2.550.200916.400758...
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The 20 most effective and influential forwards in the 2019/2020 Liga NOS

With Liga NOS still waiting for its start, Football Industry analyzed the performance of the 83 players who occupy the most advanced positions of the 18 clubs that are part of the competition and who participated in at least 50% of the games. The indicators analyzed were its effectiveness (conversion rate – the percentage of shots turned into goals) and its influence on the team (weight of its goals in the club’s total).


Regarding the analysis of the conversion rate, Carlos Vinicius from SL Benfica stands out in the first position with 32% having scored 15 goals in 22 games. It is also, in this ranking, the player with most goals scored so far followed by Fábio Abreu from Moreirense FC, Sandro Lima from Gil Vicente FC, and Paulinho from SC Braga all of t...

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Scored Goals Profitability

In a difficult time for Football when some championships were canceled and others will soon be resumed with restrictions, Football Industry returns with new articles.

Goals are Football’s life, we all know it. In addition to the spectacle it provides, it allows clubs to accumulate points to achieve their goals, sporting or financial.

Depending on their involvement, the squads they have, their game culture, the success of their sporting and business strategies and the challenges caused by opponents, they present different volumes of scored goals and, in specific cases, score less than others but manage to obtain a significant number of points allowing them to achieve comfort throughout the seasons.

Football Industry analyzed this issue verifying the performance of 73...

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